Yahoo Finance To Syndicate Financial Info, Charts


A restricted beta for a new Yahoo service starts today … Yahoo Finance is using the Syndicate conference to unveil a first for them and, as far as I can tell, a first all around: syndicated financial data and news distributed in user-customized, dynamic modules. The service is designed for small publishers, bloggers, corporate intranets, etc.. For the demo, someone at Yahoo created a YHOO module showing current quotes and the three-month trend, then put it on a mock-up of our Yahoo archive page. (YHOO is a default during setup but can be deleted.)
Mani Kulasooriya, who’s leading the development, said Yahoo views it “primarily as a way for us to deepen the relationship with end users.” It’s about brand exposure and traffic play. In exchange for the service, publishers brand part of their real estate with the Yahoo Finance logo. When I asked about inserting ads inside the badge, he said that’s something the company has considered. Asked about sharing revenue for any ads, he said that’s part of the analysis still being conducted. Some of that may rely on feedback from initial users.
— One variation includes headlines from Yahoo’s various content partners. That’s added exposure for Business Week, WSJ and more.
— Quotes from AMEX are delayed 15 minutes; NASDAQ and NYSE 20 minutes. Kulasooriya said it took months of negotiation with the exchanges to arrange to re-distribute the information without requiring the publishers to sign contracts.
— Users can select quotes, charts and news, quotes and charts, or quotes only. Three companies per chart (the limit is for usability) and 10 quotes per badge.
— The public beta could open within the next few weeks.