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What FTP app do you use?

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For ages I used Dreamweaver’s FTP utility. But in the last year or so I’ve changed my workflow and don’t use Dreamweaver anymore for any sort of coding (I use TextMate). Since TextMate doesn’t have built in FTP service I’ve been using Panic’s Transmit. Unfortunately I have had all sorts of issues with it and it only works about half the time. I have the same issues across any server I try to upload to.

And to top it off, Panic’s “Support” might as well not even exist as I’ve yet to ever even get a response from them…sad considering I paid for their product.

At any rate, what FTP app do you use and why do you like it so much?

63 Responses to “What FTP app do you use?”

  1. I just bought Transmit this week after using their trial. Exactly what I wanted from an FTP client. (On Windows I use SmartFTP). I haven’t a clue as to what kind of issues you could be having with it.

    And as for their customer service not respoding, when I purchased Transmit the page reloaded and it charged the credit card twice. I forwarded one of the serials to them and within two hours it had been refunded.

  2. I use Transmit and I love it. Never had any problems with it. Now I have had issues with some of Panics other apps and I have found their customer support to be way above average. Heck they actually have a special email address where you can get around their customer support people and talk directly with Cabel Sasser and Steven Frank (the company founders) if you are having issues with their normal customer support people.

  3. pitulgi

    I was using Cyberduck but I now use Transmit, because I need support for the WebDAV protocol, and it seems Transmit is the only one that can provide a decent one…

  4. Finney

    Cyberduck because it’s free. Transmit because it has a browser and a widget (and overall-y more powerful I find). However, I find myself using Cyberduck more just so I won’t have the 10 minute time-out thing on the free trial of Transmit.

  5. Not really an FTP, but I use sKEdit, it’s an amazing text editor and has an option built in for editing remote sites. I hardly ever use transmit anymore.

  6. I use Cyberduck. I have had some delete issues like mentioned before, but other than that it’s been pretty golden. I also have Fugu, but don’t use it very often. They’re both free so they’re good for me.

  7. I use Transmit. Never had any problems with it. I’m surprised that their support is bad, I was always under the impression that the Panic guys really cared. Hm, I hope I will stay problem-free.

  8. I use Cyberduck (at least 2 years), never really liked Transmit very much.

    The latest versions of Cyberduck have a better interface – slicker. But they also have given me a few problems though – can’t delete some files/folders inside of other folders at times from my server at strange times. However, it gets the job done.

  9. Brandon

    I used Filezilla when I was on a PC and wish there was a similar open source app for Mac. I finally gave up on searching and bought Transmit… which is good.

  10. CYBERDUCK! It’s the best. It’s like the older brother Fetch always wanted. It’s simple, Mac-like, and easy use. I do all my ftp there now, and ignore dreamweaver’s, which is slow and icky. :)

  11. Have used both Transmit and Fetch in the past, but switched to Cyberduck and have been using it for many moons now.

    Cyberduck is free (you can donate to the project) has a clean and simple interface, and has worked flawlessly for me. The author also seems to mainatain the project very well, and issues updates when they become necessary.

    I just dont see myself shelling out the 30 bones for a program like Transmit when I can get everything I need out of a great FTP client like Cyberduck.

    I highly reccommend it!

  12. I use transmit for almost everything and I’ve never had any problems with it. I edit with code-view in dreamweaver because I like having the ability to edit locally and then just hit cmd-shift-U and be able to see my changes on the web, but DW’s ftp capabilities are very unreliable so I have actually been considering a reorganization of my workflow to revolve around transmit. Perhaps after hearing all these complaints I’ll reconsider.

    I’ve also used Cyberduck but it’s far too barebones / slow / apt to quit without warning, to be a regular player in my workflow.

    I think if someone were to make some sort of finder plugin that enabled sFTP and file syncing to go along with it’s current ftp abilities they would be golden.

  13. Joshua Mace

    Sounds to me like if someone came out with a great FTP app for the mac they would have a hit on their hands…If only there were a mac version of FileZilla…

  14. Joe Edmon

    I’m using rbrowser. I have a love-hate relationship with it but stick with it because it is fast and mimics the Finder. Another feature I like is the ability to archive and un-archive files with just a right click.

  15. I use Fugu, which is kinda Transmit-for-the-poor (almost the same basic interface and features, without all the neat bells and whistles Transmit offers). The sftp support is basically all I need, and you can drag-n-drop stuff between the remote server and the Finder. It’s “good enough” for my needs.

  16. Bill I

    I use Fugu (it’s a free SFTP client), but my reason for liking it is probably a bit weak.

    I’ll start by saying that I used to use Cyberduck before I noticed how much memory it used (at least the last time I installed it): ~65MB. It is especially bad when compared with Fugu’s memory usage (~20MB).

    Fugu has the same kind of layout that Transmit (local browser side-by-side with a remote browser), but lacks some of the polish and features (favorites, doesn’t rember last-used location in local browser, scriptability, etc).

    Minor limitations aside, I’ve never had any problems uploading to anywhere, but I’m not a hardcore (S)FTP person (I use it at least daily, but usually only once or twice).

    …don’t know if that helps, but it’s definitely something else to consider.

  17. Heh, it’s funny that you have problems with Transmit as well. No matter what server I upload to, half of the time it will work and the other half it won’t connect or things such as chmodding wont apply. I have tried many other FTP programs and the following is what I have gatherd. Cyberduck is good when you don’t get the beach ball of death and decides to upload fast. OneButton FTP, which has great potential, but is no longer in development (as it seems), works everytime for me. There are some important features that are missing, but if it were still under development, it would be amazing.
    BulletProof FTP:
    AbleFTP: UI is horrible
    Captain FTP: Works, but the UI is eh.
    CuteFTP: Simply awesome but needs a new and more aqua UI
    YummyFTP: Great if you like multi-window interfaces

    I can continue with simple and in depth lists, but it is not worth my or your time so the programs i suggest are Cyberduck, CuteFTP, Captain FTP, YummyFTP

  18. Interarchy will give you the power you’re looking for. SFTP, Scheduling, Syncing, Queueing, Batching, Traffic monitors, pinging, scriptable, FTP Disks, WebDav, Bonjour, Permission control, and more… all the power features you will ever need.

  19. I use Transmit. I don’t use FTP all that often, so if there are issues with it for power users, I don’t notice them. I used to use Fetch and Transmit is superior to that.

  20. I’m using Transmit as well. Can’t say I’m all that happy with it but there aren’t any other apps worth the while. I’m eyeing Civil Netizen (.com) but I’m not sure if that app is a good alternative. Not even sure what the hell that app does. Haha