Sony VAIO UX-Series Virtual Tour video

Sony_virtual_1 Looking for a virtual hands-on 360-degree tour of the new Sony VAIO UX-series? I did some digging on Sony’s Japanese UX pages and found quite a dandy here.

The video is interactive and allows you manipulate the device via moving the hand with the stylus. Some of the takeaways I got from playing with the video demo:

  • The device supports screen rotation, which will make it great for reading digital eBook and magazine content.
  • The device does NOT have any HDMI ports as some folks are claiming. There’s no mention of HDMI in the official specs from Sony and why would you want HDMI anyway? You won’t be pumping any 1080p video or 7.1 digital audio out of this.
  • There is a single USB port as well as a CF slot. These appear for non-U.S. models; the Sony specs indicate 3 USB ports and do not mention a CF slot. – Thanks Jeff!
  • It appears that this device is well vented; there are grille slots on the top, bottom, back and one side.
  • Some stylus or pen-gestures are included: swiping the pen from right to left activates a "back" command in the browser; likewise, a right to left swipe is a "forward". Up and down swipes control the device volume.
  • Sony_gps The Sony UX works with an optional GPS receiver (shown); in the video demo, you can see a web browser open to a map that is tracking the device in what looks to be real time.
  • The camera on the back of the device will capture full motion video. (You have to see this in the demo as a person in a bear costume walks behind the camera and waves. Quite funny!)

You probably won’t make out most of the text in the video, (unless your Japanese reading skills are up to par), however, the interactive video is intuitive enough to easily navigate around.

- kct


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