Sony UX Micro PC- OQO we hardly knew ya


OQOVaio73Now that the details of the new Sony UX Micro PC have been released two things are clear.  First this device is NOT an Origami/ UMPC device since it doesn’t meet the requirements of that device and it does not have the Tablet Edition nor the Microsoft Touch Pack installed.  It runs Windows XP Pro and comes bundled with ritePen, just like the U750P.  Of course, it won’t be long until the early adopters install the Tablet Edition on the device and others will just wait for the release of Vista which will include the Tablet bits.

The second thing that is clear to me is that the UX Micro PC (UXMPC?) is a total OQO killer.  If I worked at OQO I would be shaking in my boots right about now.  Why do I say that?  Genuine Intel Core Solo processor.  Backlit keyboard.  Dual camera, one for web camming and the other for taking photos.  Integrated stand on the back of the Sony for easier use with an external keyboard.  WiFi, Bluetooth and EDGE.  While EDGE is not as fast as EVDO having it integrated right into the device will make up for the speed difference.  Totally connected anywhere.  Vaio launcher, Sony’s answer to the UMPC Touch Pack.  Fingerprint reader to make corporate security types happy.  Real dock with ports and everything.  Joystick and mouse buttons on the front of the device.  Super scroll button.  $1800.  Almost the same size as the OQO.  SVGA.  See ya, OQO.  We hardly knew ya.



Logan Cale

Sony have prety much maxed everything out. Cpu (I’m sure heat output/price prevented higher spec processors), screen resolution (265 DPI is insane!), and as much extra features that I can think of (keeping the space requirements in mind). I’ll probably import the japanese version though as the CF II slot was replaced by the edge radio in the US version (no edge in the UK). Just take a look at the pics with the pouch on a belt (jap site i think), there is no way you could ever do that with a 7 inch UMPC. The new UX is smaller, faster and better equipped. It’s only natual that it has a higher price.

Ben Reierson

To the posts complaining of high price: We need at least one company that will push the hardware limits like this. The high price was unavoidable. The fact is that if you can’t afford it, you aren’t the target market. A umpc isn’t like a console, they can’t sell it at a loss and expect to make the money back somewhere else.

Thanks Sony!


I agree on the high price. Less than $1000.00 and they’d probably sell a ton. No matter how portable, $1800.00 is too close to more powerful laptop prices.


I have absolutely no problem with the price. I’d pay $3000 or more in a heartbeat for such a device if it displayed well in sunlight and had evdo like/hsdpa like 400-700 kbps or FASTER speeds…


JK, I agree that the UX will put a major hurt on oQo. But I am still severely disappointed in the apparent EDGE-only speeds. Couldn’t this really be a situation where it’s EDGE nationwide but UTMS/HSDPA in the areas where Cingular has the higher speed UTMS/HSDPA networks deployed? One can only hope…while it’s true that the built-in radio makes for greater convenience and stability of connection over a cell phone bluetooth connection (not to mention avoid the inherent speed degradation of the latter approach), bottom line is, EDGE is EDGE, and EDGE is S-L-O-W…

…one other thing that I am concerned about is whether the monitor will display well in sunlight. The Sony U750P/50/70/71 series displayed better in sunlight than anything I have ever seen. But what about this UX?

If it displays well in sunlight, and if that EDGE radio can “jump up” to UTMS/HSDPA in higher speed areas, then look out, I want one…if not, I still may wait in to the summer/fall to see if anyone comes out with a handtop with a built in WWAN radio at much higher speeds. Rev A is upon us and Sprint/Novatel is coming out with that usb evdo modem…


Michael, I understand your frustration. Cheaper devices are what we all want but the fact of the matter is when you start making devices this small and this capable they will always be expensive. The UX is a full laptop + EDGE crammed into a tiny form which means most of the internal components are likely proprietary so you have big engineering, design, and manufacture costs. I do believe prices will drop, in fact this UX is cheaper than the original U50 from a couple of years ago. But it is unlikely they will drop below $1,000 without sacrificing the performance of real laptop components.

Michael Venini

I agree with you about the OQO statement, and I would also like to add:

So long Sony UX Micro PC!

At $1800, who is going to buy this fragile machine? I understand it has a ton of features, but when will these vendors understand, that I don’t want to put out that kind of money for a device, that is so small and fragile. Make this device less than $999, and you have my attention. With the Edge, this could of taken off in the consumer market. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very HAPPY vendors are finally starting to bring out a handheld XP, but the price is too high.

The OQO is 3 years old. In three years it’s price hasn’t dropped. I don’t get it, why can’t these vendors make cheaper devices?

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