Programming break: will you help the cause?


TourdecureWhile we’re all excited about the latest ultra, itty-bitty, micro-sized Windows Vista capable computer from Sony, I was hoping to catch your attention for a more personal matter. Most of the info I want to share is after the jump as I don’t wish to intrude with an off-topic post. However, I’m looking for your help.

My significant other, Barbara, and our two kids, Sydney & Tyler are participating in the Tour de Cure next month. The Tour de Cure is our way of helping raise awareness and funds to combat diabetes through the American Diabetes Association.

First, off thanks for taking the time to click the jump and continue reading. I won’t take much of your time. Our children are 8 and 6 years old and this is their first real effort to help a cause. And I think it’s a great cause; one that has a special connection to all of us that read jkOnTheRun.

If you are inclined, I’m asking that you consider sponsoring one or both of our children. This would have significant meaning for them and would show them that the world is bigger than they realize; there are caring people out there. Barb and I have minimum amounts to raise too, but the way I see it: we have checkbooks to cover any shortfalls; the kids don’t. A donation of even a dollar can make a difference.

Please consider sponsoring Tyler and Sydney on their rides and make this a meaningful day for them. If you’re not able to contribute financially, I completely understand; instead, consider leaving an encouraging comment for them on this post. I know they would appreciate that, as would I.

A super special thank-you has to go out to Mike Hamilton, a podcaster and blogger, who graciously sponsored the kids as well as myself and Barb. Thanks much Mike!

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