Mobile tech news a year ago: The TabletKiosk Mojave


It’s funny how much mobile technology can change in just a short year or two. I thought it might be interesting to occasionally, or even daily based on your feedback, "go back in time" and see what was happening on this day a year or two ago. Let’s look into the hourglass and check out jkOnTheRun on this day one year ago, May 16th.


On that day, James eye-spied the TabletKiosk Mojave i-Tablet that was "Coming Soon". We never did see the Mojave, but TabletKiosk today makes some solid Tablet PCs and even a UMPC in the eo. One year ago, if someone had told you that TabletKiosk would have a 7-inch touchscreen handheld running the Window XP Tablet Edition, what would you have said? Ironically, we never got the Mojave small slate, but the eo certainly qualifies, no?

– kct

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