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Moto’s Multimedia Phone Q To Launch Next Week; Zander’s Vision

Updated below:Motorola’s Q, a multimedia phone that’s something of a cross between a BlackBerry and a video iPod, will hopefully come out next week, said the company’s CEO Ed Zander, at an event today. The phone has been expected for a while and has had multiple delays.
The Q sports a thumb keyboard and a relatively large screen, similar to the BlackBerry. It boasts a number of consumer-like features such as a bright screen for watching videos and an MP3 player. During an interview, Zander used the device to play video clips of sporting events and a music video.
A video clip of his talk at the event here. A video of the new phone is here on YouTube.
Updated: ZDNet has the full audio podcast of his talk, here: “In an effort to take friction out of the system, and reduce complexity, Motorola is already demonstrating several interesting technologies to go along with the Q. For example, if you’ve recorded 24, a soccer match, or Desperate Housewives on your Motorola-based Digital Video Recorder (Moto’s version of the TiVo), you will be able to “dock” your Q phone on the DVR and have that recorded content synchronize to the Q where you can take it on the road with you.”