Money Flows Into New Start-Ups


This has to be one of the easiest funding environments – the money is flowing into start-ups like home runs off the bat of St. Louis Slugger, Albert Pujlos.

Pando, a peer-to-peer file sharing application, that I wrote about a few weeks back, has raised a whopping $7 million in funding round led by Intel Capital. BRM Capital and Wheatley Partners, which provided the company’s first round of financing, also participated in this round. The company says a half-million people having installed the software. To date, Pando has delivered more than a petabyte, or 1 billion megabytes, of data. That’s substantial growth from the time I wrote about the company.

Charles River Ventures (CRV) is leading an investment in Beijing-based Maxthon, the originators of the Maxthon Browser, which has been downloaded more than 55 million times since 2003. CRV joins early investors Morten Lund, a seed investor in Skype, and WI Harper. Maxthon is an IE-based browser. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed, though sources say it is sub-$5 million.

PixPo, a BC-based online media start-up just raised $6.5 million from Madrona VC as lead, Growthworks, Yaletown Ventures, and Springbank Ventures.


PixPo sounds like a commoditized VLC server (

Such solutions are good for limited viewers but how scalable are they? I mean can hundred of my friends view the media at the same time? Isn’t my home connection a bootleneck unless I have a high speed uplink?

Nag @

Hank Torbert

Question: How did come up with a value for Pixpro? Multiple of revs?

Robert Dewey

I think P2P is the future. Most people have broadband, and most people keep their computer alive 24 hours per day…
While everyone rushes out in a frenzy to build web storage, I think P2P will really be the winner. Web storage won’t be going anywhere though, I think it has a place in the world of data backup.

Now, off to work on a browser extension that acts as a seamless peer to peer client ;-)

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