Macbooks: Back in Black


Looks like Apple pulled a sneak attack with us in the night, and released the new Macbooks. Which are now in two colors (black and white), but sadly they only come in 13″. They come at 3 different price points, $1099 for 1.83 GHZ core duo, $1299 for 2.0 GHZ core duo, and another 2.0 GHZ core duo with a larger hard drive for $1499. This isn’t unlike Apple to do exactly the opposite of what people expect them to do. Yet this was completely out of the blue. The have a scheduled Apple event this Thursday according to, and everyone was expecting the Macbook. So I wonder what will be released now, a new iPod, an iPhone, possibly a preveiw of the new desktop installments?

At this low price point, even I want a Macbook. Yet I don’t particularly see a difference between the Macbook and the Macbook Pro. I mean there are subtle difference, but if you put enough ram and hard drive space it’s just a Macbook Pro with a different screen size, and color; but it’s cheaper. What’s really sad is that these iBook replacements are more powerful than my Powerbook bought at the end of quarter 4 this past year.

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(im new to mac) so can anyone help?
what is the best option for connecting my macbook to cable internet? will airport do the job with fast data speeds or can i just plug the cable straight in without a modem?
Thanks guys


just bought the black one, man this apple is undeniably incredable, looks great next to my white g5.


if Apple dont charge any extra for a black iPod, why should they with the black Macbook (when compared to white with 80GB HD)
black paint cant be that expensive!


Yes.. I love the Macbook.. and the size features are awesome.. I am waiting for Apple to deliver it here in the Middle East !! Can’t wait !!!


I saw (and stroked) one in the Apple store. The black ones are gorgeous.

Oh well, my silver one is fine… ;(


two big things one you can’t get a 7200 rpm drive with the mac book that you can with the pro and you pay 150 for black teh glossy screen to me is a dumb option because I do print graphics and I want to true look on screen well as true as possible.

Tanner Morrison

Curgis: I’m sad over that because I bought my Powerbook in December ’05. Now given I should have been more conscious about my decision and waited. But they upgraded the Powerbooks to Hi-Def and brighter displays on November 30th. I didn’t think they would upgrade them again two months later, I was really expecting Intel Mac Mini’s and iMacs at Macworld. But this is just another fine example of how Apple does exactly what you don’t expect them to do. I understand that technology progresses. But 2 weeks after getting a brand new comptuer is ridiciulous. All I’m saying is that their now low end notebook, is stronger than the high end one 6 months ago. 5x stronger.


Tanner – you say that you’re sad the new MacBook is more powerful than your old Powerbook?

Oh, well, maybe Apple should stop making better computers.

# # #

Can well all just get over it? Technology progresses. Old equipment will always devalue. There is simply no point in lamenting this.

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Yea, luckily if you don’t want to pay the premium for the black you can just get the white… duh.


Yeroc, The white 2.0 GHz MacBook has the same Superdrive. The only difference between the white and the black 2.0 GHz models is a $50 drive upgrade. They are charging you $150 for paint.


Yeah you missed the fact that the black one has a SuperDrive (DVD burner) as well whereas the other models don’t. I wish Apple would drop the ComboDrive completely…


No, you didn’t miss anytihng… They are charging you $200, for a $50 drive upgrade and paint.

Dirk Spiers

I don’t get the difference in price between the 2GHz versions. One is white and has a 60GB and the other one is black and has a 80GB HD. So for the difference in colour and 20GB you pay a $200 premium.

Do I miss something?


This is a great move. There was always some ‘iBook vs. Powerbook’ issues for a lot of people and now the line is much clearer. No 12-inch MacBook Pro to confuse things. So, you have MacBook 13-inch, MacBook Pro 15-inch and 17-inch. The consumer/Pro upgrade path is clear. I don’t know what ‘glossy’ screens are though. If they are the ones that reflect your image when you’re using them then they’re not for me.


Great news! It also seems like they’ve cut prices on the MacBook Pro (at least here in Norway). Yay! :)


The big difference is in the graphics card. HUGE difference between the integrated card on the Macbook and the X1600 in the Pro.

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