MacBook Pro Receives Upgrades


In addition to today’s announcement of the MacBook, its big brother also got some slight feature bumps. The MBP is now available with an optional glossy display, and processor speeds have been bumped from 2.0 to 2.16 GHz, and 1.83 to 2.0 GHz. Via TUAW.



This blog helped a lot! I just ordered my macbook pro online and it offered me to get a glossy screen at no cost… I didn’t know what to do. I kept the normal screen in the end, thank you guys!

As for the regional dvd thing… it’s not just limited to macs. my HP computer that I bought just three months ago did the same thing to me. Can only switch it 4 times after picking the original setting. I think it’s for security purposes, event though it doesn’t make much sense… to fight pirating DVDs??? no idea.

I’m running off of vista right now and I’ll tell you it is the worst system ever. Crashes at least once a day. I was at a mac lesson with my mom (I go just so I can re-explain everything to her later because she doesn’t understand anything) and I realized how amazing macs were and that it wasn’t worth the struggle with my HP computer. (what else is there to choose from, Dells that burst into flame?) So I can’t wait for my computer to arrive. My xmas present to myself. It’s good because since I am a student I will need the pro for college so I got to take pay for it with my college funds.



Seriously, glossy displays are much better when calibrated correctly. They give much higher contrast ratio’s which digital imagers and alike need.


My 15″ MBP literally had a meltdown at the 91 day mark. It had been having some heat problems… But on this one occaision it became so hot it burned my fingers when I tried to pick it up after leaving it on for 2 hours to download a file. Well, only after 15 calls and many e-mails to many many people did Apple finally agree to replace my MBP with a newer model… IF they could not fix it. They could not, and I’m even getting a refund for the difference in cost. I did some research and found that I was not alone with regards to this problem. All in all I am not really that impressed with any Mac. The lack of compatibility and availability of clever and affordable software and hardware really gets me down. Boot Camp here I come!


Maybe that disk wasn’t actually a region 2 disk – I mean, maybe it’s a region-free disk, and they just printed region 2 on the box?



I was able to get a *different* region code 2 DVD to play on my American MacBook Pro using VLC, so it must depend on differences in the disc.


Yeah, the only option for MacBook Pro users who want to watch different-region code DVDs (right now) is to rip & encode them with Handbrake. Make sure you disable autoplay under CDs & DVDs in the system prefs – just set it to “ignore.”

You can then make a high-quality file (several gigs) that is near-DVD quality, in about an hour. Yeah, not a quick solution, but so far it’s the only option I’ve discovered.


Well I do hope someone comes up with a multiregion hack for the Macbooks, (when I got my orig G4 titanium powerbook, there was a DVD firmware update on the net straightaway).


I really would love to buy a MacBook Pro today, but unless and until I see some affirmative word from Apple that they’ve learned the error of their ways and rectified the problem with excessive thermal paste, I guess I’ll hold off. I wonder how long it will take them to really fix the problem? And no, I don’t think changing the firmwafre to make the fan run all the time is a fix.

Chris J

I’m sure that someone will bring out a hack for that after all its just code;)


Bought the 15 inch about a week ago. I won’t complain that it’s now been superceded by cheaper models… that’s just the way it goes with technology.

HOWEVER – all should beware of buying a MacBook. They are pretty well useless for watching DVDs. Unless you only play DVDs from one region. Yep – in this age of £25 multiregion DVD players, this age of ordering DVDs from all over the world online, Apple has managed to come up with a region-locked DVD player that lets you change the region 4 times, and then sticks. So forget trying to play many/most of your DVDs on your laptop, because Apple continues to set things up so you can’t. And forget firmware updates, special software to let you play DVDs etc – none of them work with the MacBook.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Wish I’d never bought the bloody thing. I hate it.

Chris J

I hope it is included Liam with the MBP because I saw you can add one on the apple store you will be able to find an adapter for RGB you can find adapters for everything nowadays!. Richard You can get a cooling pad for your laptop it plugs into the USB and pulls heat away, what revision is your MBP? the later revisions are supposed to be a lot cooler. I went to the apple shop and decided to test out to see how hot I could make one go I launched everything and I mean EVERYTHING I could find then added 16 tracks in garage band playing software samplers on each tracklooped for 15 seconds, the standard 1gb RAM couldnt take it! so I closed a few apps and left it for a while bear in mind its on a hard wood topped table after playing with a G5 on a 30inch screen :O for about half an hour when a came back I wouldnt really say it was hot! warm but not hot! well not compared to my Hp Pressario anyways if anyones seen the pictures on the internet with the thermal paste THAT is why they were getting hot I belive its sorted now though :) I guess I’ll see on the 31st hehehe ;) look forward to a lenghy blog or maybe a youtube video!

Richard Jones

Chris, I actually did that and you are right. Turns out that I had already installed the SMC FW upgrade that suposedly helps with the cooling and what not. Guess I wold have been really worried had it not been for that, hehe. Gues I dont really have anything to wrry about. :)
BTW, I love this thing!!! Everyday I get a little bit more accustomed to the OS and everyday I like it more and more. My blog is going to be full of Apple blogs for the next who know how long, haha. This thing just thrills me.

Liam Souza

Chris, it is included with the MacBook, the problem with my TV is that its an RGB input, so i need a converter, i guess.

Chris J

Yipeeee! Its on the way placed my order today 2.16 1gb 100Gb (7200rpm) I went for the matte screen option I’ve never had a problem with matte before so why change!

Just gotta order 1Gb Stick from Cruc*al 2moz

Should run protools/reason like a dream! 8)

Richard try looking for macbook pro heat problems in G**gle you will be greeted by a few hundred…….thousand ;) lol

Liam you need a DVI to VGA convertor apple sell these…..but I was hopeing that would be one included :( ohh well

Liam Souza

Wow, thanks to this great blog, im getting a refund for the overage I paid for the 15in MacBook, it sucked because a bought it a week ago, and now they were less a week later, so I called them and I am getting a refund. I love my MacBook, its taking a little adjusting being a former Windows user, but the experience with the MAc is much better. I am converting into my “geeky” self again…lol, with my love for computers having reborn.

A few problems, how do I hook up my MacBook and my tv, ripping off dvd’s that I created from my dvd player, and what about the region code? The first movie I put in was Goal! which I bought from a UK store, then I tried putting a Region 1 DVD and it said you would only be able to change the Code 4 more times? Why? Is there anyway to make this a region free drive?

Richard Jones

On that note, having never owned a Power Book or Pro Book, is it typical for these thing to get blistering hot after charging and rather hot after extended use?

Richard Jones

The glossy screen just semed to reflect crap from every angle for me. it just looked sorta funky to me, all personal preference I guess though.

Richard Jones

I actually purchases a new MPB yesterday, I went to the store with the intentions of getting the new higher end MB. That glossy display.. its terrible in my opinion, in fact i was a big choice in me not purchasing it, that and the funky keyboard and the graphiics cars… and well, I guess abunch of stuff. In any event, if you ask me, just say no to the glosy display.

Chris J

I glad I waited this one out ;)

My friend jumped in too early and went for the all screetching burning red hot 1.6Ghz hes now got an overpriced discontinued slow MBP!

Patience IS a virtue!

Not sure about the glossy screen though good in a dark room you get awfull reflections in a well lit room.


I agree with Brandon, before the price was dropped today the macbook 15″ was a rip off compared to the 17″, but I should know better. No company is worse than intel for upgrades, they upgrade like every third day, thus apple will upgrade every third day.

Dan Lurie

The Glossy display makes colors look more saturated, and blacks darker. The display might LOOK better, but the colors are inaccurate.


Same here. I would never take the glossy display though.


That’s just great… less than a month after I bought my 2 Ghz Macbook Pro I see they’ve effectively lowered the price by $500. I might actually call Apple to complain. For what I paid, I should have a 2.16 Ghz processor.

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