Is the Sony UX Micro PC a UMPC?


All together now, repeat after me:

The Sony UX Micro PC is not an Origami/ UMPC as defined by Microsoft and the OEMs.  It does not come with the Tablet Edition nor the Touch Pack software.  I intend to call the UX what I have always called the Sony U devices– ultra-portable PCs (UPCs).  This may confuse some but I didn’t name the Origami the UMPC, which is not really a name to begin with but a genre of computer.

OK, I feel better now. 




it usually goes like this: if you say tablet PC, with a lowercase t, then you mean any generic tablet PC. But if you say Tablet PC. Then you are talking about Microsoft’s Tablet PC. This should apply to the UMPC as well. Ultra Mobile PC is Microsoft’s. ultra mobile PC is anybody’s. Anyhow, I don’t think the term Ultra-Mobile PC was popular before Intel/Microsoft coined it, so if you wanna avoid confusion, don’t refer to a really small PC by UMPC when you don’t mean Microsoft’s UMPC.

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