GIS mapping program for the Tablet PC


Tracy Hooten shot me some information about a very complete GIS field mapping program for the Tablet PC.  Map IT was developed at a University in Italy and has a complete list of features:

  • DATA FORMAT SUPPORT-  Import from, and export to, standard vector data formats (ESRI Shapefile, ArcInfo UNGENERATE, AutoCad DWG/DXF, MapInfo MIF, NTF cadastral) and raster formats (TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, MrSID, ECW, etc).
  • EDITING TOOLS-  Draw points, arcs, polygons, annotations. While drawing, various help functions are available: Traslate, Rotate, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and redo, Snapping, Lock Angle, Close arc about the initial node, Insert/modify the coordinates via the keyboard, Vertex editing (add, delete, move), etc.
  • SPATIAL ANALYSIS-  Carry out main topological operations of superimposing themes (union, intersection and identity), union of adjacent features based on associated attributes (dissolve of arcs and polygons), clipping, buffer creation about points, lines and polygons, interactive correction of topological errors and construction of the topology, etc.
  • DATABASE- Manage alphanumeric information in the database linked to graphic object, with the possibility of editing, adding or eliminating any attribute, of selecting objects, executing queries, calculations and statistics, visualizing graphic elements on the basis of the associate attribute.
  • COORDINATE CONVERSION-  Coordinate conversion among the most widely used projection systems of the world.
  • GEOREFERENCING-  Georeference vector and raster data, based on both control points and the warping of non-georeferenced data onto georeferenced ones.
  • GPS-  Display the current ground position in real time. Directly acquire points, arcs and polygons from the GPS or perform tracking operations.
  • PRINT-  Print your projects by scale or entire page, personalizing the print layout to your liking.
  • EASY-NOTE-  Gather information with extreme flexibility and freedom thanks to Easy-Note.
  • FORM EDITOR-  Create personalized forms to guide input of data while surveying.
  • DIGITAL PEN-  Use the digital pen to select commands, write notes, make sketches, highlight areas directly on the map or images.

It is not clear if the program is available for purchase but there is a demo version that can be downloaded.


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