Yahoo’s New Homepage: A Preview


Yahoo has unveiled a preview of its new homepage….pretty radical by Yahoo standard. Looks like it was inspired by some elements of homepage as well…
AP: This is the first overhaul of its homepage since Sept 2004. Main objective: Lesser clisk to get to main features of Yahoo.
Another addition, called “Yahoo Pulse,” offers recommendations and insights about cultural trends culled from the site’s 402 million users world-wide.
Staci adds: The new look includes a fair amount of personalization. Users can shift color schemes on the new front-page design and page widths from wide to narrow. Soon you’ll be able to edit the navigation tool to reflect their use of the site. Users of Yahoo services can mouse over relevant icons and see your information. You can toggle between the old and new views to see the differences.
Updated: Richard McManus has a detailed lowdown on the new features, here…also an audio interview with Yahoo Chief Product Officer Ash Patel.

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