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UK Copyright Laws Unfit For Society; Fair Use Clause Needed

UK’s copyright laws, which do not allow CD/DVDs to be copied onto portable/MP3 players, have been deemed unfit for modern society, by the National Consumer Council, which wants to see a “fair use” right inserted in the country’s “absurd” copyright laws.
According to a survey, Just 19% of people are aware that they break the law in the UK by copying a CD to their computer or iPod. Other countries — including US and most of the EU – provide a right to reproduce copyrighted material for private use. Andrew Gowers, formerly the editor of the Financial Times, is heading a task force to review the laws. NCC made a presentation to the review team.
Freelance UK: The appeal to the review team includes a challenge to the long periods of copyright protection currently afforded to IP holders. “The current campaign by the music industry to extend copyright terms for sound recordings beyond 50 years has no justification…Current terms already provide excessive protection of intellectual property rights at a cost to consumers.”
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