SkypeOut free to landlines and mobile within U.S and Canada


Free_calls I’d say Skype just upped the ante in the mobile VoIP game: from now until at least the end of the calendar year, all SkypeOut calls to landline or mobile phones within the U.S. and Canada are FREE! If you’re calling outside of the U.S. or Canada OR you’re outside and calling in, the old SkypeOut rates apply. Still, this is a huge step for Skype users. Thanks for the tip, Dave!

Update: the free SkypeOut deal works on all platforms, including the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile version. You can truly call out to any landline or mobile within the designated area simply by using WiFi and a handheld device. What will the cellular market’s response be?




Just gave it a shot. The quality and ease of the new version is impressive! I was able to call my cell phone (it showed up as 0000123456) and speak at a normal distance in a normal tone through my tablet’s microphone (Gateway CX2618) and I heard the message on the other end with about as much clarity as a run of the mill land line speakerphone.


Be aware that this only works *within* the US and Canada. It isn’t free for calls *to* the US or Canada from outside those countries. I found that out last night (bummer!). So, if you’ll be travelling outside those two countries and want to use Skype to call landlines in those countries, you’ll still need to have a funded SkypeOut account.


so theoretically I could cancel the voice plan on my XV6700 and just pay for the data plan…. hmmmmm

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