Meet WiMo, everyone’s favorite Windows Mobile robot


WimoThink Windows Mobile is a poor-man’s watered-down version of Microsoft Windows? It might be more advanced than you think. Take Exhibit A: a simple, but functional robot that uses a WM 5.0 Smartphone as its brain! WiMo is capable of using Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate directly with other computers and can stream video on the fly via the built-in camera. Better yet, WiMo can do something even I can’t do: he can dance in time to music!

This is an interesting project if you’re a programmer or if you’re simply interested in how far you can push the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system in a mobile environment. There’s even a Channel9 video of WiMo in action. Hmm…based on our last post, WiMo can even call landlines and mobile phones for free. ;)

(via Mobile Gadget News)


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