CNET previews the Sony UX180P

New Sony UXCNET has published a preview of the Sony UX180P and surprisingly there is not much information that hasn’t already leaked.  They claim it has a 4.5 inch screen running natively at 1024 x 600 which we have heard before but that is going to be too small to use for any length of time I’m afraid.  Text is going to be extremely tiny on this screen so I will have to see it for myself to see how usable it will be.  The CNET article also says the screen is 3.5 inches in one place so who knows what the final dimension will actually be.  There is a stylus as I figured there must be even though some have reported there is no stylus which makes no sense for a touchscreen.  All in all this device looks really sweet, although the EDGE integration is not going to be fast enough for true power users.  Other than that the specs are very impressive and match what has already been reported.  I should point out though that contrary to what CNET is reporting with Windows XP Professional this is NOT an Origami/ UMPC.  This is going to get confusing very quickly.


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