Announcing Our New Director/COO: Jeffrey Stern

[by Rafat Ali] This is a big step in our continued evolution from cluster of blogs to a more organized and efficient company, with blogs at the center of it all. We are lucky to be bringing on Jeffrey Stern as a director, a strategic advisor and as our interim COO. He’ll help us get organized, and expand on all the business development opportunities we have in front of us. His assignment is to use his vast media experience to create a business environment for us to hire someone full time a year from now.
Jeff’s background is in consumer print, B2B print, broadband video, books, and filmed entertainment. Among other things, he was the president and publisher of Details magazine during the mid 80s in NYC. Prior to that, Jeff launched Newsweek On Campus in New York before he was at Newsweek and Ziff Davis Publishing. Back in LA in the nineties, he launched a number of publishing ventures targeting niche audiences. Back in LA in Feb 2000, he started Lineup Technologies, a broadband content aggregation and solutions firm. In 2002 he acquired book publisher, Bonus Books. He has focused on developing new content and extending it beyond books into other media – film, television, online and more.
Of course, it helps that he’s in the same neighborhood as I am: Jeff lives in Santa Monica with his wife and their two daughters.
Also, as part of this, we now also have a formal office, finally, after working from my house for the last four years. It is a small two-desk space on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. When I move in there, I’ll put up some pics.
As you know, we now have journalists in St Louis (Staci); James (Mexico); Delhi, India (Sahad); Berlin (Peggy Anne Salz) and London (Jemima Kiss). Thanks guys, for coming along this till-now rather chaotic ride.
On the business side, we hired Billy Kramer (Atlanta) as our ad sales director a couple of months ago. Oh, there’s me too..
Expect us to continue expanding on what we’re doing: more news, more country and topic specific verticals, more events/conferences, starting our custom research arm, etc.
Jeff adds: I’ve been a big fan of since I first learned about it. A friend introduced me to Rafat recently and it has given me an opportunity to learn more about what he is trying to do with paidContent, MocoNews and ContentSutra. I really like the idea that he is at the epicenter of the interaction between old media and new. To me, this is the most dynamic component of today’s online world. I’m excited to be working with Rafat and his team as they help to bring order and insight to this constantly changing medium. My role here will be to help Rafat grow the business and explore different strategic partnerships. Please feel free to get in touch with me with any ideas, comments and opportunities to work together.