The End of GTalkr


GTalkr, a web-based GTalk client developed by Wes and Dudley Carr has been put to rest. The Flash-based client was impressive enough, but I guess with the advent of embedded Gtalk inside GTalk, made it a bit redundant. The Carrs have joined Google, and will work on GTalk in the future. And Google does need all the help it can get for GTalk, which is not making any meaningful dent in the IM space as yet. Beyond that, starting a company, and showcasing your work is a good way to snag a job these days at Google? Maybe that should be the preferred exit for those new-products that keep popping up every day ;-).



is it becoming a preferred exit strategy for startups that their founders become Google employees?


I hope this helps GTalk get more people using it. It is easily my favorite chat client. Simple, no nonsense. I can use it to chat with anyone on gmail, etc etc.

David Kornahrens

I really believe that Google is concerned with the IM world. I understand that everything Google has released in the past has become the best in whatever field it may be. Once Gmail is perfected, and Google comes out with a few more programs that could relate to Gtalk, then I believe Google will set the industry standard, again.

Google hasn’t ever let us down yet. But of course this is from a Google advocate, who believs Google does no wrong. Am I right? Am I right in the fact that Google is going to lead the IM world soon as well? I believe so.

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