More Sony UX pics

A jkOnTheRun reader who wishes to remain anonymous just sent me these photos of the secret Sony Vaio ultra-portable.  When I blow up the first photo I see that this baby has Bluetooth, WiFi and WWAN!


The second photo reveals that Sony just won’t give up on the Memory Stick media that everyone hates.  It also has an interesting "Capture" button.


The next photo shows the new Vaio with the QWERTY keyboard extended and a couple of zoom buttons on the right side of the screen.


This last photo shows the device from the front. Notice what appears to be a square joystick nubbin on the upper right side. The slider switch on the lower left is a wireless on/ off switch.  This device is getting more interesting by the minute.:)


This last photo shows the docking station which appears very similar to the Sony U dock with VGA, Firewire, and USB slots.


UPDATE:  Sony has just updated the teaser site and it now ends with a question "is it red, green, or blu?"  Could this be implying Blu-Ray support of some kind?  It says all will be revealed on 5/16.



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