How to right-click on the Samsung Q1


A lot has been said about the lack of a right-click mouse button on the Samsung Q1 and I have seen a number of people interested in the Q1 UMPC state that this was a deal breaker for them.  This need not be- the Tablet OS that ships on the Q1 (and all Origamis) has a convenient work around for this.  In the Tablet and Pen Settings dialog box (in the Control Panel) just set the press and hold function to initiate a right click:


Once this setting is active just press the stylus to the screen where you want to right-click, hold it for a second or two and when you lift the stylus off the screen the contextual right-click menu will appear.  That’s it!


Robert Carnegie

You can’t stylus over the edge of the screen – but holding the pen down, there, till the right-click happens will bring up your hidden taskbar, I think!


Great! Thanks a lot – it works perfectly. Now I just have to figure out, why my Q1 won’t show me the taskbar when I select to hide it automatically. If I use the menu-key and the “joystick” to move the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen, the taskbar will pop up – like on my main pc. But when I use the stylus to click down there, nothing happens. Do you also have such a nice trick like the “right-click”? ;-)

Kevin C. Tofel

Andreas, try this: instead of tapping and holding on the icon you want to right click (OneNote in your case), tap the stylus elsewhere on the desktop. Without lifting the stylus, drag it to your OneNote icon in the taskbar and hold it there. The action should be solely intepreted as a right-click mouse button. Give it a shot….


I have a Samsung Q1 for some days and your right-click-button-hint works fine – normally. But for example when I have the OneNote-Icon at the right side of the taskbar and want to launch a right-click, it will work – but OneNote reads my action as a left AND(!) a right click and so not only shows the menu (right click), but also launches OneNote itself (left click). That’s annoying – because of that I can’t use the excellent screen-capture feature of OneNote. Anybody any idea?

Cary Phillips

That’s interesting that nobody seems to know about it. I’ve had a Toshiba M3505 and currently a M200 and even though they both had buttons I never use them. I find it easier to tap and hold.


This option may very well be set by default since I see this complaint in the reviews so often it is obvious that a lot of these reviewers are not familiar with the Tablet PC so I felt it worth pointing out.

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