Breyer Wants Facebook to IPO

The latest New Yorker does a why-is-Facebook-so-popular paean in a long story (not yet online, only print), and chronicles the rise of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and the site and how it is different than other more-open networks like MySpace.
Among other things, the story touches on the business potential, and the investment and acquisition dance that the company has gone through over the last few months or so.
One of the investors, Jim Breyer, of Accel Partners, is keen on the company doing an IPO, instead of being sold out, the story says. “Breyer said that Facebook hopes eventually to become a public company. A successful IPO would allow the firm to repay its financial backers; Zuckerberg could retain control of the firm, just as Bill Gates retains control of Microsoft. Still, remaining an independent company in the hope of eventually doing an IPO is far riskier than selling to Viacom or Google, both of which are rumored to be interested.”
Then there’s some stuff about whether Fawwwwcebook can grow beyond its college audience (into high schools, where it has expanded, with mixed results, and now into corporate world, which is still too new to be judged)