What’s in your gadget bag?

Kevin and I have been promising ourselves to write a joint article that details what is in our gadget bags.  We haven’t had time to get this done but I promise we are working on it, really.  In the meantime we both would be interested in hearing what you folks carry with you everyday in your bag and why you carry it.  Details are always good, such as any "must not forget" accessories and peripherals.  Why do you carry the kit you do and how does it make your work / life better for it.  If you have a different load-out for trips (I do) then tell us what is different from your "stay at home" gear.  Don’t forget to mention what bag you are hauling your gear in, too, because everybody is always looking for the perfect gadget bag.  :)  Let’s start sharing this information so add your kit contents to the comments on this thread.  Come on, what are you waiting for?

-jk & kct


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