Spy Phones — The Media Revolution Will Be Low-Res

This is a good post about citizen journalism and cyber-vigilantism. Some interesting quotes: “The phenomenon has helped fuel the emergence of citizen journalism, where everyone with a cell phone can make a mark on the media. “Camera phones are just one more hand grenade that the media revolution has tossed into the peaceful campfire of mainstream media,” (said) Orville Schell, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley.”
And about the camera-vigilante site Holla Back NYC: “The site prominently features people pointing their camera phones at the viewer, glorifying the “Cell Phone Vigilantes” who fight back against their alleged sexual harassers. But as Kathryn Belgiorno of The Village Voice points out, sites like this put an enormous amount of faith in the photographer. The pictures are free of context, and viewers are led to assume sexual harassment when the situation might not be as it seems.”
It’s worth following the links in the article at the bottom as well… (via PicturePhoning)