Sony Gives Away Syndication Rights For Online

The online rights possibilities with TV show-syndication are endless and some interesting permutations and combinations are being tried out right now: Sony Pictures TV is giving all of the stations who bought soon-to-be-launched “The Greg Behrendt Show”, a comedy talk show, the right to replay each episode on their websites. Following its TV run, the one-hour episode of “Behrendt” (with the commercial spots intact) will be available as a freebie for the following 24 hours through streaming video for the station’s site. Behrendt co-authored the bestseller “He’s Just Not That Into You.”
In terms of advertising, Sony holds back 3.5 minutes within each Behrendt hour for sale to national advertisers; stations get the remaining 10.5 minutes…the same wil translate online, of course.
The main outlet in syndication for the Behrendt show is Tribune Broadcasting, which has an output deal with Sony.
Similar plans are being worked out for Sony’s two other syndicated courtshows, the long-running “Judge Hatchett” and the rookie “Judge Maria Lopez.”
Warner Bros. just did a similar syndication deal last week which included online streaming with the syndication rights to “Two and a Half Men” with Charlie Sheen, but with one week delay.