Skylook extends free trial time, offers discount

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SkylookIf you’re a heavy Skype user and live in Outlook, now might be a good time to revisit Skylook. I participated in a Skylook beta almost a year back and I’m thinking of taking another look. For those not familiar: click the image to the right and you’ll see how Skylook integrates Skype and Outlook to make your mobile life easier from a unified messaging perspective as it combines your e-mail, IM and VoIP capabilities. Some of the many available features include:

  • Skype voicemail messages are placed right in your Outlook Inbox (no Skype VM purchase is required)
  • Skype voice calls are recorded as .mp3 files and stored in an Outlook folder.
  • Make or receive Skype calls within Outlook.
  • Unanswered Skype IM messages are sent to your Inbox for later usage.
  • Full Skype menu integration with Outlook toolbars.

So why am I mentioning this now? Well, last month, Skylook became Skype-certified, which tells you that the Skype folks think it’s pretty hot and it obviously plays nice with Skype. Even better yet, you can get a taste of the full-featured Business version for an extra 14 days over the normal trial based on a note we received from the Skylook folks over at Netralia. The basic Home version is free and your Business version will revert to the Home version after the extended trial.

You won’t get the extended trial time on the Skylook site; you’ll get it right here at a special link, so give it a try. Oh, and if you decide to purchase Skylook, how about an extra-special 15% discount code? Just use CPN2336114440 if you decide to buy. I’ll be doing a full review of the software here at jkOTR, but if you give it a try, be sure to share your thoughts with everyone in our comments.

I’ve included detailed information and instructions for the extended version setup after the jump.  – kct

If you tried Skylook in the past and couldn’t get it to work, or if you are using the free version and would like to have another look at all of the features of the full Business License, get the new version by following the instructions below.

1. Close Outlook if it is running (you may want to print these instructions first).  (NOTE: If you use ActiveSync, go to for some important information).

2. If you have previously installed other Skype add-ins that do call recording, go to for important advice.

3. Download and run the setup file:  (NOTE: You need to use this link to get the extra 14 days, not the link on the main Skylook download page).

4. Start Outlook. (Skylook does not have a separate start menu, it starts when you run Outlook).

5. You should see the Skylook configuration wizard (go here for help if you don’t: ). Follow the steps to set the options the way you want.

6. When you see a window that tells you “Another program wants to use Skype” be sure to click “Allow this program to use Skype”. This is Skype’s standard authorisation dialog that is displayed for all new add-ins. (NOTE: If you ever see this when you haven’t just installed a new add-in, you shouldn’t allow access). If you accidentally click OK before setting the option correctly, don’t worry, you can follow the instructions here to fix it:   .

7. The Skylook toolbar will appear in Outlook.

8. If you experience any problems, go to for help.

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John Walker

I “bought” Skylook per your Instruction #3 which said I would get an extra 14 days of trial period but Paul of Skylook tells me that I am to get only 14 days.

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