Mossberg confirms Apple’s “iPhone”, I say it’s more


Apple_phone_conceptI’ve said this for some time: Apple will sell a phone. Perhaps it will look like the 2004 artist’s conceptual rendering shown. I’d give you the link when I said it publicly, but it was on the now-defunct "techADDICTION" podcast series that James and I did last year. Nevertheless, I saw it then, and I see it today: this is a logical device progression for Apple for a couple of reasons. Even better yet, in an excellent article on the end to end vs. the component model, Walt Mossberg confirms that Apple is working on a cellular phone device. Here’s the kicker though: I don’t think a phone with iTunes capability is going to do it, so my guess is that we’ll see more functionality than people expect.

Right off the bat: a cellular phone device isn’t in Apple’s stable of core competencies. That’s why there’s been no big rush here; that and the growing iPod market, that is. That market is getting a little saturated though. iPod sales are leveling off and it’s time for a new product. One that will sell tons and tons of devices to take the place of the iPod in Apple’s product offerings. What could be better than a cellphone, which is likely the most owned gadget on the planet?

The Apple partnerships with Motorola were, in my opinion, a chance to start working on iTunes compatible phones, but these weren’t the end-all, be-all products. No, Apple is taking what they learned there and they’ll be applying it to their own brand of phone. (Lesson #1: don’t limit the number of songs you can play, even if you can store more).

If Apple is developing a phone that can work with iTunes, will that be enough for it as a "smash hit" like the iPod? I don’t think so. I think they need to (and will) add more functionality in terms of base PIM functions and perhaps even the ability to add and run software like a Windows Mobile device. Perhaps all of these patents for virtual scroll-wheels and on-screen keyboards aren’t for an Apple Tablet PC or a Video iPod after all. Perhaps we’re about to see a new class of mobile computing device from Apple, and I for one would welcome it.

What do you think? Is Apple sowing seeds for a handheld computing device or are my thoughts rotten to the core?




PLEASE…… Come out with a Mac Phone/PDA!!!!! I have nothing but troubles and headaches with my iPaq and Windows Mobile. Lock-ups, Restarts, compatability issues, bluetooth malfunctions and let’s face it, Apple’s gear is SOoooooo much sexier. Come on Steve… Hook it up!


Julien Boyreau

It’s quite sure that Apple is preparing something around handheld things.
Maybe the most interesting part could be The Business Model employed.
I dream about Apple applying the iPod model : Sell high margin “iMac Nano” with ultra-low-cost cell minutes and data plan as MVNO, i.e the exact opposite of current model (where Carriers sells subsidized terminals with high margin expensive minutes&data)

I am sure this will make big boyz Motorola&Nokia think twice and maybe following the Apple’s Model thus revolutionizing the Cell Model.

If only….

Tablet PC User

“Now, Apple is working on other projects built on the same end-to-end model as the iPod: a media-playing cellphone and a home-media hub.” (from the WSJ)

This is the only quote about the potential of an iTunes cell phone…which isn’t a new market concept (see the SLVR from Motorola at ). The rest of this article was a semi-rant of Apple vs Microsoft! I’m guessing the high price of gas must have everyone disgruntled. Most of the anger is always directed at people at MS who can afford a $1,000.00 per gallon gas!

BTW, apple had better come good with that cell phone since the Motorola Razor is the sexiest phone on the planet!


Would you mean that Apple is about to reveal the Newton II with phone capabilities???

It makes more than 5 years that I have been waiting for an apple sub-notebook, a tablet or something… They have patents, they even worked with HP on a design near the TC1100 (so does the rumor say)… but as you know nothing came out.

In conclusion, eventually we’ll see some kind of a convergence device (an iPod that phones and has some pim capabilities?), but not tomorrow.


PS: BTW where are the annouced “new” iBooks???

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