Unlimited Data Usage: Well, Not Really; U.S. Operators Shooting Themlseves


WSJ has a good story collecting stories about operators asking users to stop using Internet on their mobile phones if the usage becomes high (individual stories have surfaced on various personal blogs before). The unlimited data/internet plans has some operators worried, and they are taking steps to make sure subscribers don’t use them too much.
Verizon Wireless has sent service-cancellation notices to customers it says are using excessive network capacity. Sprint and Cingular Wireless, meanwhile, have moved to charge people for the amount of data bits they wirelessly transfer to their computers each month.
Dick Lynch, Verizon CTO says that the company is developing technology to sense what applications consumers are using so that violations can be detected more precisely (ah, borderline privacy violation, they mean).
Operators are experimenting with usage-based pricing, but also offer unlimited data plans as well. But some technology consultants and analysts say wireless companies will need to make their services more similar to those offered by phone and cable companies if they want more consumers to adopt them (read unlimited).

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