The iPod Shirt


The Brits love their iPods. We heard about them outfitting big warships with iPod docks. And now comes word via Niall that the upscale shirt maker, Thomas Pink is cranking out shirts made for iPods.

The Commuter shirt has a special concealed pocket for mp3 player and hidden casing for headphone wires as well as a clever cuff pocket for credit or travel cards.

Who wants to bet that I will be headed out to the nearest Thomas Pink store by end of the day to acquire one of these beauties. (Another wonderful picture for under the hood details.)


David Kornahrens

I want to make a shirt with the ‘w3’standards logo on it. Another pointless product.

Design- null
creativity- null
expense- stupid

Overall- two thumbs down.

Jeremy Pepper

Unfortunately, it only comes in white in the US, and apparently, I’m too short for Thomas Pink.

BUT, if you order via the UK Website, you can order blue on the site.


hmmm, with all the security measures at airports, will we start seeing people literally removing their shirts in the security lines??

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