The Big Ole’ Glass Cube

As many of you have wondered what Apple’s big glass cube was, it’s a store. It’s a new Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. This Apple store will be one of the largest built and it’s main focal point would be that of a 32-foot tall glass cube that would protrude out of the ground, with the main store underneath it and the General Motors building. The store ranks in at 20,00 square feet, and was designed by none other than Apple’s very own CEO Steve Jobs. The Store is rumored to be opened 24 hours, however this hasn’t be confirmed by Apple. There is also a rumored iPod Bar which is supposedly a Genius Bar for iPods; this would of course allow all the people with real computer problems to get help at the Genius Bar, and keep it from being littered with iPod technicalities.

But with all the speculation of the new Macbooks as an Intel replacement for the iBook could this be the place for Apple to debut their new notebook? There are promises of a large grand openeing with prizes and schwag; I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now the question to ask is what would you do in an Apple store at 2:00 AM?


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