Navisis EZ- Canvas turns your LCD into a Tablet-like input device


EzcanvasIf want the Tablet PC experience without the Tablet PC, you might want to check out the Navisis EZ – Canvas that fits over an LCD monitor. The specs are a little sketchy, but apparently, this device allows you to ink and annotate right on your LCD screen. I have to believe that it would be difficult to use against a screen that’s standing upright, so don’t expect to ink tons of data. Still, for folks that do presentations, this could be useful. The EZ – Canvas is available direct from KJ Global for a cost of just under 99 British pounds.

(via Akihabara News)




If you could use it on the LCD monitor minus stand, I could see this being pretty useful. By no means ideal from the weight/bulk perspective though.

Tracy Hooten

hmmm…from the KJ Global site:

“It looks like you write with pen and paper easily. When you handwrite or draw with your pen on or over the screen, the cursor moves precisely same on the screen. Where you touch your pen tip to the screen is that you click. EZ-Canvas can allow you to insert and annotate on the screen directly…”

Am I reading this wrong, or does it sound like the person writing this had one too many ;-).

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