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AOL Music Now Opens To Developers; Increases Customizaton

In preview with plans for a broad summer release, the revamped AOL Music Now is joining the open API move at AOL by launching a web services site for custom development. Standard RSS will allow users to import and update AOL Music Now data feeds into the new AIM Pages or other applications and non-AOL sites. The press line: Neil Smith, VP, AOL Music Now: “Music is part of people’s lives and should not be relegated to one particular device, location or web site.”
The fine print: AOL acquired Music Now from Circuit City last November for what we estimated to be $10-15 million. The combo online store and subscription service being rolled out now has to differentiate itself and, at the same time, take advantage of AOL and AIM. Tapping into the social networking/customization aspects and adding the immediacy of updated charts and other data could do the trick.