UMPC battery life: collaboration might power a solution


Paceblade_p7_1Clearly, one of the most referenced issues with the first batch of UMPCs is battery life. Ok, lack of keyboard is likely number one, but a shorter than expected runtime has to be a close second. If you’re not following the collaborative battery benchmarking and troubleshooting threads over at The Carrypad UMPC Journal, you should for a few reasons.

The joint approach between users of the UMPC devices is a great lesson to show how the blogosphere brings synergy; you know the concept: where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole? UMPC owners are blogging and sharing their findings in hopes of realizing solutions and informing the OEMs where possible battery shortcoming might be coming from. There’s the whole technical nature on what this community has found, and that’s solid reading too, but don’t overlook the team attitude here as well.




Yeah, the good news is that we know already what is causing the problem and we have informed TabletKiosk about our findings. And we know already that it’s a well known problem that has been fixed in the pass with BIOS and Drivers updates.

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