T-Mobile banning VoIP on HSDPA?

This actually gives credence to Verizon’s "Can you hear me now?" slogan since T-Mobile customers on the HSDPA network can’t say "Can you Skype me now?" Looks like the cellular carrier is planning strict adherence to their network do’s and don’ts. On the unacceptable list: VoIP calls and Instant Messaging. The stated penalty: risk of expulsion from the network. Sounds painful.

This coincides with T-Mobile’s HSDPA flat rate data plan called Web ‘n’ Walk Professional. Looks like you can Web, you can Walk, but you can’t Walk and Talk at the same time on the network at up to 1.8 Mbps of bandwidth speed. Ouch! I understand that the cellular carriers are looking to make money, but this is like my electric company telling me I can’t shoot an extension cord to my neighbor’s house so he can run his weed-wacker. C’mon….



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