Maybe you can have too much mac hardware…

A while back I ran into this flickr image on I was impressed by the amount of mac hardware that one guy could (or would want) to own.

The thing was, seeing that didn’t even begin to prepare me for this. It’s a tour of Microsoft’s Mac Lab. So, check it out, rub your eyes, poke yourself with a sharp pointy thing to make sure you’re not dreaming, then check it out again.

What I really liked was the fact they have table football (foosball) there. I absolutely love table football, and feel all offices should have one for those angry ‘grrr my code just won’t work’ moments. Although I have no idea why Americans choose to have 13 men on each team… everyone knows that football (or if we want to be very precise about these things: association football) has 11 men per team ;-)

Anyway, back to the subject. I also found out about the HiPerWall which consists of no less than fifty 30” Apple cinema displays and twenty-five Power Mac G5s.

Has anyone else got any links to impressive use of mac hardware to share?


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