HP iPAQ hx4700 gone, hw6900 coming soon


Hp6900_mobility_1HP appears to have officially pulled the hx4700 out of its iPAQ lineup, but the Treo 700-like hw6900 series is on the way. MobilityToday spoke with HP for the confirmation on the 4700 discontinuation. This isn’t a huge surprise since all evidence points to PDAs without phones losing market share by leaps and bounds. The hw6900 will likely be hitting Cingular customers by the end of June and you can catch a few pics and hands-on impressions of the Windows Mobile 5.0 device over at MobileTechReview.

The hw6900 features a 240 x 240 screen, GSM / EDGE capability, full QWERTY keyboard, mini-SD slot, the AKU2 ROM, a 416MHz processor and an optional integrated camera.

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