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Google Press Day

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I am going to try and live blog the Google press day event. It is packed room, and tons of journalists are in the room. Despite all that, we are all disconnected. There is a problem with the WiFi and there is no connection. I am posting this from my crackberry.

Eric Schmidt is on stage drawing parallels between the highway system and the Internet. He is talking about LAMP and using all buzzwords like AJAX and Mash-Ups.

He says Google grew because of viral marketing. We are successful because of lot of personal aha moments.

They just launched Google Trends and new widgets for Google desktop widgets.

Marissa says that since Google knows a lot about you, they are going to include a recommendation angine. It will also automatically create a Google Page for you.this looks pretty slick. You can sync between machines.

Its a lot likes Apple is inspiring them all.

Just announced Google Co-op. Yahoo guys must be quite happy in the fact that some of their social web ideas are being put to use elsewhere.Talking about the GOOGLE COOP…. Does this mean the all mighty GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE can’t do it all and need help of mere humans! Stop the presses because this is different direction. I am not sure why will they be successful when Yahoo is still getting limted traction. I think there is also the big point…. Google users don’t spend much time on the site. This might also be a way to get them to stick around.

Google notebook is another new product which is a little pop up screen that allows you to take notes, drop links etc. It follows you even if you leave Google. Yojimbo does that on Mac but is local. Good tool to organize data you find on the web. Kaboodle…take note!

21 Responses to “Google Press Day”

  1. Steve

    how are recommendations engines copying apple? Last i checked they just hired pierced folks to put up “iTunes becomes eclectic” lists.

  2. susan kalla

    hey om!
    i spoke with someone from ebay who said ebay and google are installing a lot of akami gear (servers/software) close to customers (on edge) to distribute customized web pages. He said companies that just broadcast news, i.e., don’t customize it don’t need to put servers everywhere.
    call me and I’ll fill you in.
    Cheers, Susan

  3. I agree about companies trying to do stand on their own. That points back to the bigger debate – are a lot of web 2.0 companies just features or real companies? I guess thats what will separate the men from the boys, I guess :).

  4. i agree. the start-ups should worry but not be too concerned. i am frankly not sure why there is no mention of market share in any presentation google makes.

    still some of the features are going to get subsumed into google products or yahoo products. makes me worry about the whole stand alone part of the deal.

  5. Startups should of course be scared of Google but to assume that they dont stand a chance, is incorrect. Instead, I think Google’s spray and pray strategy is not helping them gain much traction among the mainstream consumers for their other products except for search.

    I predict once google realizes that the products are not sticking, they will adopt a Yahoo acquisition strategy – sometimes its smarter to acquire companies based on their user base rather than pure technology.

    I have written a blog post about the same: