Foldera executives respond to mobile data access concerns


Yesterday I posted an article pointing to Marc Orchant’s excellent overview of the online productivity tool, Foldera.  I have been following the progress of Foldera since the earliest announcements because I like the activity-based approach they are taking to organizing personal information.  I stated in my post yesterday that I had two primary concerns about online data applications like Foldera, first of only being able to access my own data when I had a connection to the web, and second that I would require mobile access to my data through some sort of mobile device.  In a classy move, Michael Sampson and Oliver Starr of the executive team at Foldera responded to that post very quickly with some information about how Foldera is working on solutions that address both my stated concerns. 

I think this discussion is a very good one and worth pursuing with jkOnTheRun readers so read through their comments and add your own thoughts.  Do you have reservations about online PIM applications like Foldera and what do you feel would hinder you from using it in a mobile setting?  Since I am very integrated into the mobile lifestyle my POV may be different from yours and I’d like to hear them.  More importantly, this is a rare opportunity to share directly with the Foldera team and let them know what you need to be productive while away from your desk, or even away from an Internet connection.  Maybe we can help shape the direction of Foldera to better suit our mobile needs which would be very cool.

Online applications like Foldera are becoming more common and I am pretty confident that this discussion could be applicable to many of them so it is an important discussion.  You never know who may pick up on it so let your thoughts be known.  What would an application such as Foldera have to address so you could use it while mobile?  Do you have access concerns as I’ve laid out?  What features do you need to let your data live online and yet be accessible no matter where you are? 


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