Create your own Windows Mobile font with your Tablet PC


Myfont Tired of those boring TrueType fonts in Word Mobile? Sure you can copy any Windows font to a Windows Mobile device and use it, but why not create your own? I decided to do just that and now have this pictured "looks cool on the big screen, but not so hot on the small screen" on my XV6700.

You’ll need the "My Font Tool for Tablet PC" power toy (and a Tablet PC, but you already knew that, right?) that you can get for free. Then, using the power toy, just write your letters and try not to have grade-school nightmares. Save your font on the Tablet PC, which will create a .ttf or True Type font file. Copy your .ttf to the WindowsFonts folder on your Windows Mobile device and you’re all set! Now if you run a mobile app that allows you to choose a font, you can choose the one you created; and no, my "Architecture" font isn’t for sale. Yet. ;)



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