Cablevision – Its All About Broadband

Cablevision reported impressive growth in its broadband and voice telephony business in the first quarter of 2006.

* High-speed data customers up 112,289 or 6.6% from December 2005 and 366,044 or 25.4% from March 2005.

* Voice(IP) customers up 133,967 or 18.3% from December 2005 and 500,828 or 137.4% from March 2005.

* UBS analyst Aryeh Bourkoff estimates that now Cablevision’s Voice subscribers represented 19.2% of homes passed as of 1Q06 and will reach 26.4% by the end of the year, which implies about 1.2 million voice subscribers by end of 2006.

* The company says it will increase its spending in 2006 on equipment that will help with broadband upgrades to compete with Verizon FiOS service.


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