Yahoo Webcasting Some Stanley Cup Playoff Games

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Yahoo Sports - NHLYahoo users, including Rafat, who stumbled across the webcast of a live NHL game Monday night weren’t hallucinating: Yahoo Sports has an as-yet-unannounced deal with Comcast/OLN to air NHL highlights, OLN game recaps and some live Stanley Cup playoff games. Monday’s webcast featured the OLN-distributed Canadian feed of the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators Game 2. (The on-site promo erroneously said the game wasn’t on TV. The first and second rounds are part of the out-of-market Center Ice package on satellite and cable; I was watching the game on DirecTV.)
Until now, as far as I know, U.S. NHL webcasts this season have been available only via Comcast acquired the online rights as part of OLN’s cable deal with the NHL. According to a league spokesman, Comcast can stream two games per night in the regular season and some in the playoffs. (The next scheduled playoff webcast is May 17.) The spokesman said Comcast can sub-license the rights. No answer from Comcast yet and a no comment from Yahoo.

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For some people that wants to follow his fav team but is not on the state were they are playing is not fair and as costumers and fans would like to watch some games on the computer if i was able to go and watch the game live i would but i cant and Im in FL and I like new jersey if the transmitted the first game why can't they do it again

thank you for ur time

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