Sesol’s HiPAD: XP embedded in a Tablet PC body

HipadI’d like to believe you could install the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS on Sesol’s HiPAD, but it appears to be running Windows XP Embedded in a tablet body. This 10.4-inch slate computer is exactly the size I’m looking for; unfortunately, this unit appears geared towards mobile users overseas that have single-purpose computing needs like home automation or navigation. There’s no price on the company’s product page, and the base configuration appears semi-anemic with 128 GB MB of RAM, 64 MB of flash storage (a 20 GB hard drive is optional), 802.11b (g is optional), and the standard array of expansion ports. UMPC debate aside, I think there’s a missing form factor between a 7-inch Tablet screen and a 12.1-inch Tablet screen, with very few options in between; Motion’s LS800 and HP’s tc1100 seem to be it for now.


(via Ubergizmo)


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