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BanorigamiNewspaperDirect and Microsoft have entered into a technical partnership to allow Origami/ UMPC owners to read newspapers on the devices.  NewspaperDirect offers hundreds of global and local newspapers for download and reading through the PressReader application that captures the experience of reading a traditional newspaper.

Alex Kroogman, NewspaperDirect’s CEO, comments: "Our publishing partners will be at the very forefront of a real-time content delivery revolution that is bound to accelerate rapidly with this mobile technology." At present NewspaperDirect has hundreds of newspapers, providing content as a part of the NewspaperDirect ‘family’ of products. Mr. Kroogman says, "We expect the number of newspapers to quickly grow. At present most of the world’s largest publishers work with us — we now want to reach many more newspapers at the regional and local levels."

"Ultra-Mobile PCs are an exciting new category of devices that will give people a full PC experience that fits in their hands," said Otto Berkes, general manager of the Ultra-Mobile PC group at Microsoft Corp. "We’re glad to have NewspaperDirect developing PressReader for UMPCs. It’s a natural fit for people with a mobile lifestyle who want their news on the go."

(via MobileTechNews)


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What am I missing here? Is Newspaper Direct giving a discount to Origami/UMPC users? I already read newspapers via PressReader on my tablet pc and desktop computer, so UMPC-specific technology is not need to read electronic versions of newspapers. There must be something else to this partnership… I hope…

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