New Palm Treo desired? Trade-in your old Palm!


Trade_in_lrgGot the hots for a new Palm handheld, say the Treo 700w or upcoming 700p? Don’t relegate that tired, old Palm to the trash; consider trading it in via the Palm Trade-In program:

"Don’t just send your old handheld or smartphone to the trash bin. Put it to good use—saving you money on a new one with the Palm Trade-In Program. Simply purchase a new Treo™ smartphone from, send us your old items along with your Treo smartphone purchase receipt (invoice), and we’ll send you a check for the value of your trade-in device."

Sounds like a win-win to me: you get money back from a new Treo purchase and someone makes money on selling your old Palm a second time. eBay is clearly another route for this, but it’s nice to see these kinds of trade-in programs. Too many OEMs treat their current customers like second-class citizens instead of finding ways to keep customers on the current product lifecycle. Hmm…now to find someone to take my C64 towards a new Tablet PC…


(via Mobility Site)



I have a Treo 650 on Sprint that I stopped using awhile back. Liked the phone, not the service. Last week I got a mailer from Sprint offering me $50 if I send it to them and it is “clean”. They made a point of saying that the phone could not be used on any other network. I still like the Palm software better than MS, but who knows what the future holds for Palm.

Dave Zatz

I just did a check on the M505 for kicks… they’ll buy it for less than 50% of what you can get on ebay AND charge you $15 shipping. Pass!

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