Microsoft’s Online/Mobile Gaming Service: Live Anywhere

Having taken “Windows” out of the English lexicon, MSFT is now doing to to “Live”..the new version of its online and now mobile interoperable gaming service is called “Live Anywhere“. Bill Gates keynote at E3 expo in LA had some details: its cross-platform gaming service that integrates games played on mobiles, Xbox 360 consoles and the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. The “Live Anywhere” service will be available as part of Windows Vista.
The system would extend the company’s existing Xbox Live service for the Xbox 360 console into millions of PCs and mobiles. No pricing information announced. Microsoft has sold about 3.2 million Xbox 360s so far — about half of them are used online. By this time next year, it will have sold 10 million units and have 6 million online subscribers.
Engadget has a good breakdown of Gates’ speech and cross-platform demo.
The official MSFT releases with formal details are here and here.