Microsoft to put Windows Mobile on Qualcomm chips


WindowsmobileMicrosoft and Qualcomm, a major handset maker, have joined forces in the smartphone segment.  Microsoft will be putting Windows Mobile on a chip that Qualcomm will be putting on its Convergence Platform MSM chipsets which will be available in the last half of 2006.  Why should you care?  This alliance should shorten the development time for Qualcomm handsets and make it quicker and easier for new smartphones to hit the market, and that’s a good thing.  Microsoft will also incorporate a Board Support Package and a Radio Interface Layer for Qualcomm’s chipsets into future versions of Windows Mobile.  Sounds like a win- win deal for both companies and the consumer.



Josh Einstein

I for one am thrilled to see MS finally breaking through in the phone market. I’ve been using Windows Mobile for years and it’s always fun when someone brags about a new feature in their phone and I can say “yeah I had that back in 2002”.

“Oh and check out this cool web page I made to stream down my recorded tv to my phone…”

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