Marc Orchant discusses Foldera

Information overload.  We all experience it in this always connected world and getting to the nuggets of pertinent information is always a challenge.  There are now so many types of metadata that we must track and be able to access that the challenge just keeps growing.  When I first heard the teasers about Foldera I must admit I was intrigued.  The Web 2.0 application promises to make it easy and intuitive to store all types of information in a way that no matter what it is it is within easy reach.  Podcast buddy Marc Orchant of ZDNet blogging fame has written a delightfully detailed overview of Foldera and describes exactly how it can fit into an organization’s needs.  It is well written and thought-provoking and worth a read if you are struggling with information overload.  Marc has provided a gallery of screenshots of various aspects of Foldera for the visually inclined.  I have to admit I still have some unease at the thought of having my information and data only accessible via an online application.  Time will tell if I can get over that but Foldera looks like it could be the way to start that process.  But I can’t help wondering if an individual switches over to an online program like Foldera what that might mean for mobile access.  Will the legions of smartphone and Windows Mobile users be able to interact with their data while mobile?  We’ll just have to see.




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