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Launchy, Quicksilver for the Rest of Them

Launchy. Only a windows user would come up with such a silly name for an application. In any case, Launchy seems to be the Windows development community’s belated and anemic answer to everyone favorite OS X app, Quicksilver. From the official description:

Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

Sounds awfully familiar, don’t it?




Looks familiar too, although its missing the good design, polish, and pretty much everything that makes QS what it is.

Now, setting aside all that snarky-ness, the release of Launchy just re-affirms the fact that power users on any platform are sick and tired of conventional methods of system interaction, and strive something new. Quicksilver is by far the best example of this new form of interactivity, but Butler and LaunchBar are progressing toward a similar user experience.

What I think we should take away from this post is two fold. First, lets all have a nice hearty laugh at the expense of all those poor Windows users. Secondly, lets realize how lucky we are that the Mac is constantly on the cutting edge of computing, both in software and hardware.

16 Responses to “Launchy, Quicksilver for the Rest of Them”

  1. Blast! I was hoping Launchy came first. Oh well, I still pay more respect to it because it’s … open :) Not like QS.

    As for the name, ‘Launchy’ is original and self-explanatory as well . ‘Quicksiver’ is surfware and that stuff from ‘The Invisible Man’

  2. There are a lot of people who are bigots. maybe for this one a macbigot. and i think those people who involve themselves in cross platform bickering are just losers. come on guys, its the result of the work you’re doing that counts. i have a mac, 2 pcs one that runs on windows and another on linux.i dont see any problems with them, i dont discriminate. because in order for me to maximize my output i need all of them.

    and by the way lauchy is cool, it serves its purpose, you dont have to whine about the name. ’cause even you, you cant make a software like this, okay?

    and for your info, i run a quad core g5, an hp compaq laptop and a pc ith ubuntu dapperdrake.

    cheers! :D

  3. I hate to say it, but I have a Mac and a Toshiba Laptop. I can’t stand the whole bickering about which platform is better becauses the sad fact of the matter is that I picked up my Toshiba laptop for $400 NEW from Circuit City and it does me just fine. Don’t get me wrong I love my Imac, but you just can’t beat the prices in the Windows world.

  4. Mantiz

    Call it “I-launch” and it’s one more dumb mac name.
    The name is fine and the app looks great.

    “lets realize how lucky we are that the Mac is constantly on the cutting edge of computing, both in software and hardware.”

    Wahahahahahaha……ha….ha haha
    Yeah, tell that to the pc users with the (acording to mac users) “slow” intel processors two years ago.
    Seriously Mac’s are great but in no case cutting edge.

    To Ryan:”Also, Christian, since this is ‘The Apple Blog’ I don’t see how any of the negative posts about this program can be considered trolling since the definition is along the lines of ‘tries to start an argument’”
    —So the only way to say that mac’s are great machines, which they are, is to put every good program that comes out for windows down?
    It’s a good program that copies a part of the great mac navigation to windows i would be flatered.

  5. Karuel

    I will probably go home tonight, and download this Launchy fellow. I might aswell ruin my windows machine as much as possible before I get my MPB.

  6. Christian

    Actually, i just wanted to say that launchy is a nice app, although inferior in functionality compared to quicksilver.

    I guess i spent too much time on the world of warcraft boards.

  7. What’s with all these people saying stuff like ‘its just a computer program’, etc…

    Last time I checked I liked computers… Infact, I would go as far as to say I LOVE computers. Why can’t I like one kind over another? I was a windows guy for the longest time and I found that every year I got more and more disenchanted with computers in general… that is, until I switched and I find my love of computers coming back 10 fold.

    Thus, I see no reason I can’t comment light heartedly on a rather amusing article about a program that clearly falls short of the plentiful options available on my preferred platform. Especially since the fanboys of the platform in question are constantly railing me/us due to ‘not enough applications’ (clearly not the case!!!).

    Also, Christian, since this is ‘The Apple Blog’ I don’t see how any of the negative posts about this program can be considered trolling since the definition is along the lines of ‘tries to start an argument’… Here, on an apple blog, it is a rather poor place to ‘start an argument’ about this. Perhaps you are the one who is trolling since it seems you are the one trying to argue.

  8. The name is fine; for goodness sakes, it’s a computer program. The design is fine, and it looks “polished”. It does one thing, and does it exceptionally well, I might add. Yes, mac fanboys may have Quicksilver, but a program that mimics good functionality is not bad.

  9. I’m fine with the name, and the functionality. It’ll get me by on my laptop until my macbook pro comes along. Gotten pretty used to Quicksilver on my home and work imacs.

    I still don’t understand the constant inter-platform bickering… they’re computers, get over it.

  10. Christian

    Stop trolling. Be happy that more users get their eyes opened to the wonders of launchbars – even though launchy is not quicksilver – it is certainly easier to get started with. I use both launchy and qs at work, and i am fond of both.

  11. I just installed it. Yes, it falls far short of QS, but it’s actually pretty good for a Windows app. It’s the first Windows app I’ve seen to use transparency well. Sadly, it has a skin named Quicksilver that just highlights how limited the graphics on Windows really are.

  12. Launchy, it’s the little brother of LaunchBar!

    You know the one who wets his bed and screams at the top of his lungs for no reason and constantly CATCHES VIRUSES and CRASHES your parties/make-out sessions and ANNOYS the hell out of you in general? Yea…

  13. Lordmike

    heheh looks awful… but I might use it on my windows machine.
    one big reason to why I switched to mac was because I can still use bash and have an easy to use OS. just wish I knew how to use F1-F9 in irssi so I can change windows… oh well only down side so far and thats nothing compared to what I feel about my windows machines!