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IM Heats Up With Betas From MySpace, Windows Live

myspaceimlogo.gifWhile AOL prepares its entry into site-based social networks, MySpace is rolling out its own IM. At the same time, Microsoft is updating Messenger with a Windows Live version that’s been invitation-only for a while but entered public beta last night.
MySpaceim: FIM’s Kareem Mayan posted screenshots and details about the new service, which launched in public beta today. More features are promised soon but it’s fairly vanilla for now. It promises one-click login to email and alerts, offers drop-down menu access across MySpace and — sure to set some teeth on edge — requires Windows/IE 5.0 Just as co-founder Tom Anderson is the first “friend” for MySpace profile creaors, he’s the default IM contact.
Windows Messenger Live Beta: According to Microsoft, several million users have been taking part in the controlled beta of next-gen Microsoft Messenger. Also requires Windows and IE but, then, we expect that from Microsoft. Features include:
— an offline option for contacts to get IMs the next time they log in.
— Windows Live Call with Verizon Web Calling, available in localized language and currency for 11 markets now, including the U.S.
— Cordless phones introduced today by Uniden and, soon, Philips, allow landine and online calls from the handset.
— Contacts are integrated across Messenger, Windows Live Mail and MSN Spaces.
— Free synchronized full-screen audio and video powered by Logitech.
— Drag-and-drop file sharing; includes aspects of FolderShare, which updates files when changes are made.
— A “friends” list for social-network cred.
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