HP announces new Core Duo Tablet PC- tc4400

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Small Laptops and Notebooks is reporting that HP issued a press release today announcing a number of new products, including the next generation Tablet PC, the tc4400.  The tc4400 is a refresh of the tc4200 and incorporates a Core Duo processor from Intel.  The tc4400 has a 12.1” XGA screen and can be configured with 512MB to 4 GB(!) of memory and with up to 128 MB of integrated video memory.  The listed weight is 4.6 lbs. and up depending on configuration options.  Full press kit (PDF) available here.

HP tc4400


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Daryl Herbert

to 4 GB(!) of memory

The HP is actually NO DIFFERENT in this regard than any other Core Duo Tablet PC with 2 DDR2 so-dimms. The other manufacturers are just too honest to make this extraordinary claim.

What HP is saying is that you can use 2x2GB modules (which are at present insanely expensive; you can get a full tablet PC for the price of 1 2GB DDR2 so-dimm). You can verify this by clicking through the PDF that you’ve linked to above.

And, I think 32-bit windows can only use 2- or 3GB of ram max. So you will need to replace the CPU with a 64-bit CPU to actually use the full 4GB (as opposed to just stuffing lots of memory physically present inside your machine, which you can easily do if you remove the optical drive bay and toss some dimms in the hole).

And, at present, the only 64-bit CPUs for that platform are Merom engineering samples, which are needless to say not widely available.

And then you’ll have to install a new, 64-bit OS.

And, at present, there are no 64-bit OSes available that have tablet features built in (HWR, TIP) except for Vista.

And Vista is currently only a beta version.

And I think the Vista beta is of limited availability, especially if you’re not part of the MSDN, which I think most businesspersons and students are not.

So if you follow those simple, easy steps, you too can have a 4GB tablet!

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